5 Things To Know Before Checking Out A Weed Shop For The First Time

As society becomes more and more accepting of the daily usage of marijuana, people are becoming more intrigued about the history of this medicinal and recreational herb. For decades, the use of marijuana was often regarded as one of the biggest sins, so much so, that people have been arrested and charged for innocently smoking a joint. Now that people can buy legal weed in Boulder, both stoners and non-stoner have taken an interest to weed, where it comes from, who’s used it, and what remains hidden about this mysteriously affective plant. The following are the top 5 things you didn’t know about marijuana.

You Can Become a Weed Critic

There are many people who dream about becoming a food or movie critic, because this profession requires them to know everything about their genre, and then critique. While getting into this line of work isn’t a very easy thing to do (because then everyone would do it), it can definitely be done with enough perseverance and dedication. Well, there is one job that has stoners lining up left and right for, and this is the job of a weed critic. Although this career path is relatively new, there are people who are paid to smoke weed and give their honest opinion on the matter. In fact, there is a man named Jake Browne, who is renown in Colorado for being a see this site weed critic. Thanks to now being able to buy legal weed in Boulder, Browne has gone public, and Discover More Here many would agree that he’s hit the jackpot.

Australia is Marijuana’s Number 1 Fan

Believe it or not, but one of the countries most known for smoking marijuana is none other than Australia. In fact, the amount of Australians who smoke weed are three times the amount of the global average.

The Use of Medical Marijuana Dates Back to 2737 B.C.

A lot of people have wondered about the cannabis plant, and whether or not it was used for recreational and medical purposes in past generations. Well the answer is yes, it was. As a matter of fact, the use of marijuana can date back all the way to 2737 B.C., to when a Chinese emperor first fell in love with the herb because he believed it to be the solution for treating body aches, rheumatism, and gout.

Colorado Has Accumulated More Than 34 Million Dollars in Weed Tax Money Since It’s Legalization

Since weed has become legal in Colorado, its government has been able to accumulate more than 34 million additional dollars in taxes.

Most People Who Smoke Weed for Medical Reasons do it Without Consulting a Doctor

While some people are going to go to their doctor to have medical marijuana prescribed, most of them are just going to self medicate.

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